Sipos Laszlo. Turned world

October 28, 2020 - January 15, 2021

The painting and graphics exhibition entitled „László Sipos: The Upside Down World” can be visited at the Art Museum of Cluj-Napoca until January 15, 2021. This exhibition offers a limited selection of the master’s works, focusing on the most important themes and his masterpieces, in addition to which some early and hitherto unknown works are also presented. The main thematic units of the exhibition are: masterpieces inspired by religious and folk art, works related to music and painted homages of the great figures of universal Hungarian culture and from Transylvania. For an introduction to the artist’s, we invite you to watch the film presenting this exhibition!


Szebeni Zsuzsanna (Hungarian Cultural Institute) 

Bordás Beáta (Art Museum of Cluj-Napoca)