Ioana Antoniu / Radu Pulbere. DOPPELGÄNGER

March 04, 2021 - March 28, 2021

The exhibition Doppelgänger(4th-21st of March, 2021), curated by Dan Breaz, coprises recent works of painting, created by Ioana Antoniu and Radu Pulbere, both of them Phd. Professors at the University of Art and Design of Cluj-Napoca, recognised for their exemplary contribution to the contemporary artistic phenomenon.

The articulation of her own pictorial language has evolved for Ioana Antoniu in an organic, sensitive and, at the same time, intellectual way, being without fractures and negations, both thematically and technically. Reunited under the Doppelgänger curatorial concept, her newest works approach a thematic aria that is deliberately atemporal, having a vocation for the essential, operating with elements such as suggestion, absence and the allusive narrative.

The works of Radu Pulbere synthesize the artistic evolution that reveal a constant relation between the realistic depiction and the abstract modalities of representation. Radu Pulbere’s research investigates the visual pretexts that can direct our attention in a broad historical and cultural perspective. The laborious process of his artistic production engages successive pictorial layers, that dissimulate realities who’s expressive replicas represent a provocative ``double``.