The Photography. An ethnographic document

January 27, 2021 - February 14, 2021

The Art Museum of Cluj and Cluj County Center for the Preservation of Traditional Culture invites the public into the wonderful world of the Romanian traditional village caught in more than 200 ethnographic photos by 50 photographers from Romania, Serbia and Poland.

This annual event called “The Photography-an ethnographic document” is a national contest that has reached its 17th edition and has been presented so far all over Romania and abroad in: Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Canada, Italy and France.

The exhibition is opened between January 27th and February 14th at The Art Museum of Cluj.

Black and white or colored recent photos, together with the 11 awarded photos, as well as copies of old photos show important moments in the Romanian, Hungarian, Gypsy, Szekler or Saxon communities and a way of life that does not disappeared yet.