Virtual exhibition
May 23, 2020 - June 30, 2020

Exhibition poster

Exhibition catalog

The Art Museum of Cluj-Napoca invites you to visit a virtual presentation of graphic artworks included in the ”Holocaust” exhibition.  This exhibition was presented in 2019 to the art loving public in the gallery of the Romanian Cultural Institute in Budapest (8 October-11 November 2019). This year, the artworks were presented in Chișinău at the National Art Museum of Moldova (5 February – 1 March 2020). Due to the special circumstances, the Art Museum of Cluj-Napoca could not present to the public of Cluj-Napoca this exhibition, but is our big desire to offer you a virtual insight in this cultural manifestation. 

”I usually avoid organizing exhibitions on specific themes. Even though, over the years, a few thematic exhibitions were held, I prefer to gather together the artistic works according to the artists' preoccupations, techniques, orientations, sensibilities.

The proposal of Mr. Lucian Nastasã-Kovács, the director of the Art Museum of Cluj, was unreservedly accepted. The profound and uniquely unique theme made me reflect more upon certain in-depth aspects embedded in the works of some artists. I first searched for graphic artists in the circle of friends as I am familiar with their previous approaches and as I believe in the sincerity of their creative quest.

That I was not mistaken, it was proved first of all by the artists' enthusiasm to participate in the project, by the fact that they invested time and energy in order to create special works for this exhibition, although this was not part of the initial thought. But I felt that this would happen and it happened. I would like to mention the names of a few significant artists such as: Giancarlo Pozzi, Fernando Santiago, Krzysztof Marek B¹k, £ukasz Cywicki, Marina Nicolaev, Marco Trentin and myself.

The artists of different ages, genres, technical approaches, geographic regions, twenty in number, present in exhibition with two works, are united by creative force, friendship, sincerity, and also by the Cluj museum which for one of them represented a starting point now being recognized as a famous artist.

I am convinced that the touring of this exhibition in various cultural spaces will contribute to its expansion and propagation”. (Ovidiu Petca, curator)

Artists: Krzysztof  MarekBak, Lukasz Cywicki, Ewelina Kolakowska (Poland), Víctor Manuel Hernández Castillo (Mexico), António Canau (Portugal), Basil Colin Frank (Israel), Vlado Goreski (Macedonia), Michiko Hoshino, Masaaki Ohya (Japan), Ann-Kristin Källström (Sweden) Adrian Lis, Marina Nicolaev, Ovidiu Petca (Romania), Bert Menco, Herman Nordermeer (Netherlands), Giancarlo Pozzi, Marco Trentin (Italy), Agustín Rolando Rojas (Canada) Fernando Santiago (Puerto Rico), Antal Vásárhelyi (Hungary).