Könczey Elemér. HIBRID

Opening: August 13, 2022, 6 p.m.
August 13, 2022 - September 03, 2022

Elemér Könczey returns after a long break with a solo fine art exhibition. He aptly titled his exhibition Hybrid, thus hinting at the fact that many different qualities meet in the works created in recent years. The mixed media works, which were mostly created during the pandemic years, are very diverse both stylistically and thematically. However, the works that richly display pop-cultural, political and historical references still share the usual provocative, socially critical tone from Könczey, the striking wording already known from caricatures, with the essential difference that the current exhibition is not based on everyday gags, but articulates something more universal. It elevates political-historical events, as well as our everyday gestures and increasingly empty poses for social media interfaces, into a broader context. As the title of one of the works suggests, Elemér Könczey's analytical approach is simultaneously defined by the "inside and outside the box" phenomenon, the same duality, multiple points of view and broader perspective called to life the works exhibited here, as is the minority existence, it includes both the outsider's and the insider's point of view.

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