Cabaret of ideas après la lettre. BRAN Q. Z. & FRIENDS

February 18, 2022 - February 27, 2022

Spring hasn’t arrived yet. February can be seen as the avant-garde of spring for it intertwines with the name and fame of Brancusi (or Bran Q. Z., as more modern hip-hop generations might rebrand him); at the same time, more than 100 years ago, DADA was born in the month of February, thus laying down the premises for the artistic revolution foreseen by the artists of those times.

For the second year in a row, the Elf High-School is dedicating a week to celebrate the avant-garde. The Art Museum is hosting the event, while the School for the Visually Impaired and the School of Choreography and Drama “Octavian Stroia” are partners in this project.

This year’s concept is a “cabaret of ideas”, a mise-en-scene of the vibrant and innovative spirit we have inherited from the avant-garde artists. The artistic experience must become an experiment, a happening, a participation, a revelation, taking the recipient out of their comfort zone and forcing them to reassess their interpretation of art. The classical interiors of the galleries inside the museum will be rearranged so as to hold the surprising exhibition of sensory images suggestively named TROMPE L'OEIL, making the visitors literally feel with their own skin the art products created by the students of the three schools.

Sculptor Dan Istrate has also accepted to display a few of his works, as an homage to the efforts of the students. 

A series of outdoor activities are aimed at luring the viewers to wander around the city and be a part of the collective effort to create an urban insectary.

This is art stepping off the pedestal, broken into a series of artistic gestures only to become shared art